Congratulations to the overall winner of University Startup World Cup 2017


Category Winners

HighTech and Overall winner


Scottish University startup RAB-Microfluidics won the University Startup World Cup 2017 and can now call themselves world champions! The two students have invented a chip which is able to foresee expensive breakdowns in ultra heavy machinery. Read more about the invention here.

It is an amazing feeling. The competition seemed so hard, we honestly did not think we stood a chance, but here we are!, said Oluwarotimi Alabi after the Award Show in Copenhagen.

RAB-Microfluidics certainly deserved to win. Not only is their idea absolutely outstanding as it has an overwhelming business-potential. It is also incredibly usable for the some of the biggest players in wind, drilling-industry, and shipping, says Venture Cup CEO Human Shojaee.

University of Aberdeen – United Kingdom

GreenTech winner

Ethico Foods

This gluten free, soy free 100% vegetarian substitute for meat could be the next very big thing in sustainable food protein. Looks and tastes almost exactly like minced beef.

TTU-Mektory – Estonia

Services winner


Having problems making the kids eat their veggies? No more.

This Finish team has succeeded in turning 500 grams of fresh vegetables into 75 grams of easily dissolvable powder, which can be put in sauces, smoothies or whatever you prefer.

They claim they will change the way we all eat vegetables.

Tampere University of Technology – Finland

ICT winner


Has invented an app which enables entrepreneurs to quickly find a much-needed specialist.

Ex: The electrician at a construction site fell sick, and as result 12 builders are waiting around. Three blocks down, an electrician sits in his car swearing, because the key wasn’t where it should be, and he can’t get into the house where he was supposed to work.

Recrew’s app helps the two parties finding each other sawing everybody’s day and money.

University of Technology Sydney – Australia

HealthTech winner


Disabled and bed-ridden people all over the world suffer from terrible wounds that come from just lying down.

In order to prevent it, professional staff has to turn them in bed every third hour 24/7/365. Tidewave has invented a clever mattress that does the turning automatically.

This will potentially not only save millions of dollars in paying care assistants during the night hours. It will also save disabled people from having to wake up every third hour during their sleep.

University of Stavanger – Norway