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This is your opportunity to gain access to a large network of international entrepreneurs! As a participant, mentor or partner, there are many possibilities of promoting your brand, be inspired and be updated on the newest international startup trends!

I believe that university world cup is a real turning point in our project. The way we were building it is going to change to a better professional way and that’s all because of the valuable feedbacks we got from the experts we met in Copenhagen.
Samer Wagdy, GBarena, Egypt
Thank you for the life-changing experience you guys gave us. I definitely did not go back to South Africa the same person I left it.
J.B. van der Merwe, SkyGrid, South Africa
USWC gave us a form of international credibility that would have been very difficult to achieve elsewhere. Our success at USWC was partly a product of having great people around us throughout the week to advise us.
The best week and awesome networking!
Jerric Lyns John, Portuspine, India

International Network

The University Startup World Cup starts off with one week in Copenhagen where 50 of the best teams from all over the world are invited to Copenhagen to network with entrepreneurs, investors and business people while developing and benchmarking their business idea. The week will end with the election of a winning team that can call themselves the world’s best university startup!


There are many opportunities to participate in the University Startup World Cup. If you have the best idea and wish to participate in the world cup, you can read more and upload your business plan here. If you wish to be part of the international network where knowledge sharing, inspiration and access to top-tuned talents are in focus, read more here.


The University Startup World Cup is more than just a competition, it is an opportunity to be part of an international network of like-minded entrepreneurs and business people. All teams will be offered a mentor through our mentor program and services via our pre-accelerator program, the Startup Booster Program. The teams will have the opportunity to benchmark their ideas to each other, network with relevant companies and grow their idea into real businesses. Companies part of the world cup will receive access to international talents, find inspiration and be updated on new trends and ideas within their industry.


Copenhagen – which has been named one of the most innovative cities in the world by the Innovation Cities Index and Business Insider. There is a strong infrastructure with lots of resources and a supportive environment for delivering results.


Life Science & MedTech

Digital health, medical devices, compliance of drug administration, drug delivery devices and health tech

Mobile & Web

Apps, web services, search engines, augmented reality, near field communication, gaming, services, VIR (virtual reality) etc.

Sharing Economy and IoT

Online services, connections etc.

IndustryTech & Robotics

Industry (manufacturing, assembly, packaging, palletizing), Transport and logistics (mobile robots, drones), Health care and service robots, Learning and gaming technology involving mechanical hardware, Welfare


Online business, commerce, government, procurement and interaction


Cleantech, environment, climate

Country Partners





The University Startup World Cup is organized by Venture Cup, a Danish non-profit organization which has 16 years of experience hosting startup competitions for university startups. The vision is to create a network among international students in which they can be inspired, benchmark their ideas and turn academic knowledge into viable high-growth businesses.

We focus on entrepreneurship as a practical discipline and we expose our participants to a great network of experienced entrepreneurs and business people who provide valuable advice on a volunteer basis because they share Venture Cup’s interest in finding and supporting  leading start-ups.

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