Tidewave R&D AS

Tidewave R&D AS develops a unique and smart mattress that automatically turns and moves users with reduced mobility, on a self-contained time interval. A total of one in five patients at European health institutions suffer from pressure ulcers due to constant pressure in a region of the body over time. The main reason is the absence of regular movement. Today’s solution is manual turning by health professionals. This is painful for the patients, health professionals are exposed to heavy lifting and it becomes resource-intensive for the institutions. Tidewave is solving this problem by making the prosedure automatic and gentle.
University of Stavanger

Electric Spokes

Electric Spokes is a wind turbine made from 100% recycled materials. It costs $40 because we pay for just the materials and compact shipping un-assembled parts. And who assembles it? The design is so simple that the customer assembles it like IKEA furniture.
University of Chicago
United States

Project Biker

Project Biker creates digital platforms motorcycle riders all over the world. As a Project Biker member, you get access to everything we create, starting with our social media platform and route planning app with location sharing and benefit program.
Venture Cup Norway


The ground remains the greatest source of risk to construction projects. There is no good method for understanding the ground in a quick and inexpensive way in the early phase of any project, causing uncertainty and higher costs. We believe that it should be easier to know the ground that is built on, and hence safer buildings for the communities. The solution is a mobile device that provides overview information about ground conditions in the early phase of construction projects. This will reduce uncertainty about the ground, and thus reduce the number of project delays caused by unforeseen ground conditions.
NTNU’s Entreprenørskole

Haiti: Hands On

Haiti: Hands On is a nonprofit strengthening vulnerable Haitian communities through innovative education and capacity development opportunities.
Haiti’s greatest untapped resource is its people. We choose to acknowledge that effective solutions come from people who face the problems every day and therefore cultivate civic engagement, innovation, and sustainability to create true community-driven development.
Haiti Tech Summit
United States

Global Virtual Group

Global Virtual Group is an intersectional innovative internet business which focuses on Virtual Assistance services such as teaching, coaching, and training that is provided only in English. We use virtual conference technologies such as Skype, Google Hangout, and viber to thoroughly train our clients for an upcoming job interview, presentation, speaking at any conference, leadership training, and spoken English. It comprises three different niches under one big company.
Nizhny Novgorod Pedagogical University


Test creation is a tedious and time-consuming process for all educators. On average, an educator spends 12 hours creating and grading tests. We are creating a web platform that will make this process more efficient while simultaneously improving test quality. The platform allows educators to create and grade tests and prepare for class work more effectively. The platform also contains a proprietary task solving engine. Therefore, every time a test is created, each task and solution is unique. The tool allows educators to generate multiple variations of high quality tests in minutes, which lets educators focus on engaging their students.
The Student Business Incubator of the University of Latvia

Limelight Music ApS

Limelight Music is the music streaming app for discovering up-and-coming artists. We are here to kick-start careers of talented musicians by making their music assessable to a relevant audience. If you’re a music lover Limelight is the platform for you. Finding music tailored to your preferences have never been easier. With just one click, you will get an endless stream of preferable up-and-coming music personalized for your exact taste, as the Limelight-algorithm learns the listeners’ music taste. The concept of Limelight is a democratic music streaming experience, where the collective of listeners will ensure the quality of the music.
IT University


Manigrip helps people who suffer from hand-related arthritis. The design functions as an arthritis-friendly handle that fits everyday objects such as pens and cutlery. Manigrip is a cylinder-shaped design which is placed over the object at the touch-point, the design then inflates around the object thus providing a firm and stable grip. Our design makes it less exhausting for the user to do their everyday tasks, which in turn makes their life more comfortable.
Aarhus Universitet


Hatchme is a curated internship marketplace that matches young talents to the right internship opportunities. Unlike other job portals, Hatchme facilitates the job matching process by helping to determine the suitability between a young talent and a job opportunity through machine learning methods.
Singapore Management University

UGP materials

We produce unique high performance polymers for use in composite materials or other fields of application. Our material has outstanding attributes in durability, stability & weight. Further it does only require water to create. It replaces current polyimide production processes using toxic solvents and catalysts with a geomimetic approach by working similar to natural hydrothermal crystallization. We want to replace the currently used polyimides with a better and at the same time more environment friendly technology. We contribute to the reduction of chemicals that could be harmful to humans and the environment as targeted by the European Union’s REACH regulation.
TU Wien – I2C / I2nkubator

Code Intelligence

Code Intelligence develops an analytics tool performing automatic and in-depth security checks on binary code with almost the same precision as if they would own the source code. This has the potential to revolutionise how security checks for IoT  are handled. Our software security tests can be used to check for vulnerabilities and assure security of IoT and embedded devices, as used in medicine, before they even hit the market. Combined with an extensive vulnerability pattern database consisting of thousands of previous exploited software bugs, with our technology it is possible to analyze external binary software.
University of Bonn

RI-TE Radiation Imaging Technologies

EasyPET is a new technology of high resolution preclinical PET scanners with a much lower manufacturing cost, thanks to its intelligent image acquisition method. EasyPET will allow democratizing access to PET technology by biomedical research centers and by Universities and Health Schools, where it will become the first really affordable PET system, dedicated to education and training of nuclear medicine professionals. Two different EasyPET systems of growing complexity are envisaged for these two markets, first addressing the education and training market, where EasyPET is pioneer and has no direct competition, and then the more competitive preclinical small animal imaging market.
Universidade de Aveiro


Weacy is a bag that can be used with every toilet for collection of urine. The bag is made of eco-friendly material, which will have a self-closing feature to enable easy and safe use without spillage. At the bag, there will be a tap for easy drainage into larger containers. Furthermore, there will be a measuring window, for easy-reading of the total amount of urine and its color in the bag after use. The rest of the bag should not be see-through. As the bag is sealable, it is an easy storage of the urine.
University of southern Denmark
Denmark and Germany


FanSaved consists of three parts. First part is a technology platform with campaign tools to empower TV show fans to organize in the thousands and rally towards their goal of saving cancelled TV shows. Second is a consulting part that will act as an professional third party to mitigate the risk between the studios and the fans. Third is the fact that we will operate a streaming company which main purpose is to be a purchaser of TV show content that is not yet created, with the result of becoming the concluding part of a cancelled TV show
Venture Cup Norway (university of agder)
Norway, France and USA


Our purpose is to improve the educational system by providing practical learning opportunities that the undergraduate students seek, to do whatever they want whenever they can. UpGrade aims to bridge the gap between universities and the market, by connecting students to real opportunities that will challenge their knowledge and prepare them for the business world. Regardless of whether you are a student or represent an organization, how about an UpGrade?
Partner: JADE – University: UFSC


We are creating and developing a hearing aid application that will improve hearing of people with a hearing loss. We aim to help users’ life with an application that is cheap, flexible to user’s hearing profile and needs. Our plan is to operate in B2C and B2B fields. Shortly, our application uses microphone for sound input and earphones for sound output. The application adjusts to users’ profile, needs and may be used temporarily for different circumstances. Please be advised, we cannot fully disclose specific details of commercialization due to policies set by our funder and setting of creating new technology.
Lappeenranta university of technology (LUT)


Chargebrella is a portable electricity generator which is able to charge any type of mobile devices such as phones, tablets, cameras or GPS systems. It offers a solution for those who happen to be in places with no or limited access to electricity sources.
Technically, it is a thermoelectric generator which produces electricity from alternative and renewable energy sources – specifically from different sources of heat such as sunlight, fire heat or other sources of heat above 250 °C / 482 °F.
Junior Chamber International – Slovakia


We provide a ladies’ intimate apparels fitting system that uses artificial intelligence. The system starts with having a customer being scanned by a 3D scanner. The system will subsequently enter the body data into our body database which classifies body shape. It will then match it with our product database and generate a product recommendation list on our website. In essence, by one-off measuring, customers no longer need to go to retail store’s fitting room and can shop best fit lingerie online so long as their body shape remains unchanged.
City University of Hong Kong


GASGON MEDICAL is an award-winning startup medical device company based in Ireland that develops innovative patient-care technology. Through collaboration with clinical staff, the company provides design, engineering and manufacturing solutions to introduce targeted products for better patient outcomes. Gasgon Medical was founded to provide an effective solution to current management and prevention strategies against induced vascular air embolism. Our novel products will eradicate risks for patients, while the resulting improved clinical outcomes will deliver more predictable workflows and hospital bed turnover rates.
Cork Institute of Technology

Shelfie Challenge

Shelfie (Share yourself) creates fundraising multimedia campaigns for non-profits. We provide nonprofits with technological infrastructure and creative consultancy to create gamified challenges to make giving more engaging and fun. Our end goal is to enhance awareness, engagement, and retention while building a community around a cause!
Babson College
United States


Cubbit is the first data-center able to work without any proprietary server: from one data-center for all, to small servers in everybody’s homes/offices.
Thanks to our technology,we acquire consumers&SMEs by offering Forever-Free Cloud. They create our virtual, distributed data-center. We then sell CDN, Cloud and Fog Computing to corporations that need to distribute/process/collect contents as close as possible to their final users.
Alpha-test started in June’17. 48first devices are active in Bologna-Milan-Arezzo-Paris.
University of Bologna


Framie is a mobile app that redesigns the way people collect, providing thematic photo collections, for people to complete with their own photos, based on predefined watermarks. This approach gives users ready to use content that challenges them to move, explore and learn. At the same time, brands can create collections and, doing it so, promote their offering in a more dynamic, engaging and targeted way, enticing their clients to take action. Framie is partnering with renowned brands, earning revenue through its direct contribution to the increase of brand awareness, user engagement levels and customer data.
University of Porto

Braille Riddles

Braille riddles is a project by a group of students coming from the University of Rijeka and Zagreb whose goal is to create a series of educational assistive devices for visually impaired persons. In cooperation with universities and associations of visually impaired citizens, we are intending to produce easily affordable products that will significantly improve education of visually impaired persons. Our vision is to become the leading company in Southeastern Europe in production of efficient, entertaining and economically affordable educational assistive devices for visually impaired persons
University of Rijeka and Zagreb


Today there exist different ways of buying second hand studybooks, but all of them aren’t easy to use and close to home. Our business idea is to develop a platform for second hand textbooks for VUB students in the first place. VUBooks is a concept designed to bring together all the announcements of selling or buying of second hand studybooks on a single platform. On the one hand we want to make an ecological impact by giving studybooks a second life, and on the other hand we want to make studying cheaper for every student and thus knowledge affordable.
Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Sense Grass

We are developing the world first VR+AI equipped technology for the farmer. Complete Artificial intelligence analyzing of data to give precise solutions for better cropping and first VR Application to find and solve plant diseases together. Our Advantage includes: We have created World’s First VR+ AI For Farmers. This provides them with Nano Satellite Image Mapping which helps in More precise field mapping through nano satellite field images for big farms with accurate precision farming. We have also developed Patented wireless drone sensors for more coverage and accurate data surveillance . (
DU, India


We are building a mixed reality application which optimizes order picking in warehouses. Order picking is the process of finding items in a warehouse and transporting them to a new location for further processing. This accounts for up to 60% of the operational costs of over 750,000 warehouses across the world shipping over $1 trillion worth of goods every year (Bartholdi). We improve order picking in warehouses and retail spaces by integrating indoor navigation, barcode scanning, and direct communication with Warehouse Management Systems.
Georgia Institute of Technology
United States

Compact Energy Kits

Compact Energy Kits was born from the ambition of the team members to combine our passion for the renewable and green energy resources to the endless need to improve the technological education. We are creating renewable energy kits, like our solar car, which will enable students to build their own solar car using the tools and materials included in the kit. Our kits will be sold to schools, to be used in practical classes in the subject of physics, technological schools, to be used in courses of renewable energy, physical shops so that parents can buy and help their sons to create their own solar car at home and online sales platforms.
Universidade do Minho


Education is the basis upon which a country thrives. Unfortunately in most parts of the developing world, the educational system lets its students down. Poor quality education has led to tremendous waste of talent and potential. Several developing countries now have young but poorly educated populations. Elewa is an organisation that feels very strongly about this inequality and decided to do something about it. We at Elewa believe that it is possible for every student in the developing world to have a much better quality of education through simple improvements that will transform how education is delivered to them.
Vrije Universiteit Brussel


ZhenRobotics is the first company in China focusing on autonomous local delivery robot.
Tsinghua University

Qingniu CTAR

Qingniu CTAR system combines CT with AR: it utilize the data in CT scan and build up 3D model, then recreate the cavity in which the user can have an immersive experience with VR/AR technology.
Tsinghua University


Prescription drugs save lives, but they can only save lives if they are taken as prescribed. Every year hundreds of thousands of people die from not taking prescription medications correctly. There are billions in extra healthcare costs and it is estimated that 1-in-10 hospitalizations are from people not taking medicine correctly. Dwak is a personalized medical assistant that creates a link between prescription drug users and hospitals/pharmacies. While there are other reminder apps on the market only Dwak offers our patent-pending automatic service. There is no need for the patient to enter any information. Dwak offers peace of mind that they will never miss a pill again
United Arab Emirates University, Science and Innovation Park
United Arab Emirates

Ethico Foods

Enjoy the succulent meatiness and nutrition of Estonia’s first protein packed, soy and gluten free, plant based meat. Our range include meatless burgers, meatballs and mince.
TTU – Mektory

BGR Training Ltd

BGR Training have created the ‘BGR Suspension Trainer’ – a fitness product which grants users access to hundreds of exercises anytime and anywhere using only their bodyweight as the resistance.

The innovative design of this product enables additional exercise to be performed which cannot be performed when using competing suspension trainers, meaning more fitness needs can be satisfied using the BGR compared to using the competition.

Strathclyde University

Buy Rapido

Buy Rapido is an application that you can buy every thing with QR code and receive it in front of your home.

Sharif University Of Technology


contextflow develops deep learning based technologies for large medical image data and connected facts together with Radiologists in order to improve patient care. We enable Radiologists to simply mark a region in an medical image and within a second we find similar 3D structures in other cases, summarize their descriptions and provide case relevant reference information from literature, significantly improving the currently limited information search process for Radiologists. Future features will include further support like highlighting of non-healthy regions to help Radiologists focus on providing high quality care for their patients.
TU Wien Innovation Incubation Center

Geo I/S

The Idea is to make shopping in the local business around the world an experience and fun with a gamification app. The vision is to make it a fun experience to shop in at the local business. This will give the local business another way to compete with the online shops on the experience of shopping. The app will give the local communities more information on the customers and visibility. The users of the app will get a new fun experience when they go shopping in their local communities.

Aalborg university


Beetgig is a Marketplace that puts in contact students who seek to put their knowledge in a learning-by-doing approach, with SMEs/Startups that need someone qualified to carry out such project. Beetgig offers the student the possibility to enrich his portfolio and improve his professional experience and brand, while he/she obtains a fair economic remuneration and begins to develop a professional network. Additionally, students acquire information about the employment market they want to aim for. On the other hand, Beetgig is a solution that allows companies to outsource value-added tasks at a competitive price, covering specific needs without giving up quality.
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)


HELi is a solution that will help people with epilepsy. Our system will provide the opportunity to forecast epilepsy seizures, so that you will be able to prepare just before it happen.
Taras Shevshenko National University


Braille Eye is an electronic device dedicated to the visually impaired people, which will help making reading easier than ever using the 200 years old writing system, braille. Our goal is to provide the ultimate and independent reading tool for visually impaired people. Braille Eye is a phone like device, which is provided with a camera fixed to recognize letters written in various languages. The device has a refreshable braille display screen that is used to display information in braille. It will display the texts writings in the photos after being converted to braille.


Our business is based on the idea of an increased cycling safety experience combined with entertainment, information and navigation functionalities for cyclists. Our multifunctional multimedia helmets are equipped with innovative safety devices such as brake and turn signal lights in combination with a revolutionary automatic SOS emergency call function in case of any danger. The cyclist enjoys a completely new feeling of increased safety and the extended riding funnel by using the integrated entertainment, information and navigation components. The real innovation and USP behind our product are not the installed components and technologies themselves, but it lies in the unique integration and combination of the different components and technologies as well as their orchestration in one single product.
Munich Business School

HOOBOX Robotics

A high-precision facial recognition algorithm (‘The Wheelie’) capable of translating facial expressions, like a kiss, a smile into commands to control a wheelchair, so people with movement-limiting conditions (as quadriplegic people or people diagnosed with neurodegenerative diseases) can use their expressions to drive a motorized wheelchair. The Wheelie does not require body sensors and no training is needed to drive the wheelchair.
University of Campinas – UNICAMP

Keepers Child Safety

Our business is based on the idea of an increased cycling safety experience combined with entertainment, information and navigation functionalities for cyclists. Our multifunctional multimedia helmets are equipped with innovative safety devices such as brake and turn signal lights in combination with a revolutionary automatic SOS emergency call function in case of any danger. The cyclist enjoys a completely new feeling of increased safety and the extended riding funnel by using the integrated entertainment, information and navigation components. The real innovation and USP behind our product are not the installed components and technologies themselves, but it lies in the unique integration and combination of the different components and technologies as well as their orchestration in one single product.
Jerusalem College of engineer


We develop and manufacture systems for cold pasteurisation of liquid food products.
Aalborg University


Mubarah is an emerging Emirati company aspiring to stimulate and increase sports activities in the community by creating a social sports network of amateurs. For the first time in the region, players will get the chance to create, join and challenge other teams within a time preference of their choice. We provide the amateurs with wide variety of fields to match their schedules in three simple clicks.
United Arab Emirates University
United Arab Emirates 

Navigation by Sound

Naviation by Sound is an assistive device for blind and nearly blind people – currently dependent on guides, chauffeurs, dogs and canes to reach their destinations – to navigate and experience their surroundings.
By making them hearable, users will be able to swiftly and safely navigate both known and unknown environments, on their own and at any time.
Navigation by Sound makes it possible to rediscover one’s independence – or maybe find it for the first time.
Lund University

Nordic Algae

Nordic Algae is developing a mechanical harvesting solution for seaweed. Seaweed are mainly being harvested by hand which is very costly and results in high marked prices. This causes the end user to choose alternative products even though the seaweed has many benefits. Our solution will automate the harvesting process and thereby save production costs as well as reduce payrolls which causes a lower selling price.
DTU – “Skylab”


3D Printing patient fitted bone implants for craniofacial bone loss caused by trauma or cancer.
University of Southern Denmark


We are a fin-tech startup specialized in sustainable investments in the pension industry. We build personalized pension schemes exclusively built on investments in sustainability and impact.
Copenhagen Business School
Denmark is an online framework for penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. It allows website developers, system administrators and security professionals to easily find and demonstrate vulnerabilities in their websites and network infrastructure.
University Politehnica of Bucharest


Precordior is developing the next generation of cardiac monitoring solutions. Our patented and patent-pending methods non-invasively measure the motion of the heart. In practice, we use miniature sensors to measure the motion of the precordium, i.e. the chest area above the heart. By analyzing this detailed data our algorithms can determine incredibly reliably for example whether the subject is suffering from atrial fibrillation or a serious heart attack. To test your heart, you will simply be able to download our mobile app to your smartphone, nothing else being required.
University of Turku / Turku Science Part Ltd.


Pulmoment is a new software package made to redefine asthma consultations.
Eötvös Loránd University


Diagnosing early, potential failure of heavy machinery is critical to operations across many industries. For this reason, industrial businesses in 2016 spent £2.01Bn on state-of-the-art Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) techniques. These techniques however, are inefficient, expensive and environmentally unfriendly. For example, additional £2.1Bn was spent in 2016 on breakdowns, repairs and costs associated with downtime losses, highlighting inefficiency of current OCM technologies. We have developed cutting-edge microfluidic ‘Lab-on-a-chip’ technology that delivers OCM analysis a 1000x faster and 10x cheaper than the current approaches. Specifically offering customers real-time continuous monitoring, early problem diagnosis, rapid decision making, enhanced efficiency and cost savings.
University of Aberdeen
United Kingdom


Recrew is a mobile application that allows for on-demand hiring of specialty trades subcontractors within the construction industry. Our software automates administration, payments and credential verification, saving users time and money by eliminating the need for invoices and background checks.
The inability to source qualified subcontractors in short periods of time results in delayed and over-budget construction projects. The construction industry is losing millions of dollars due to project downtime and inefficient operations. Recrew solves this problem by providing a simplistic gateway for workers to connect
We aim to make the global construction industry safer, more efficient and productive.
University of Technology Sydney

RI-TE Radiation Imaging Technologies

EasyPET is a new technology of high resolution preclinical PET scanners with a much lower manufacturing cost, thanks to its intelligent image acquisition method. EasyPET will allow democratizing access to PET technology by biomedical research centers and by Universities and Health Schools, where it will become the first really affordable PET system, dedicated to education and training of nuclear medicine professionals. Two different EasyPET systems of growing complexity are envisaged for these two markets, first addressing the education and training market, where EasyPET is pioneer and has no direct competition, and then the more competitive preclinical small animal imaging market.
Universidade de Aveiro


According to multiple studies, western people eat too little vegetables and fibre. The same studies are also saying that eating them would: significantly improve overall health, reduce obesity and diminish healthcare costs. Reasons for eating too little vegetables and fibre are mainly related to eating habits. Vegetables do not taste as good as “fast food” and their consumption would require more effort and dedication. Therefore, we created easy to use vegetable smoothie called Salaatike. Each pouch of Salaatike contains recommended 500 grams of vegetables, fruit and berries added with 100% of daily fibre from oat. The powder pouch weighs only 75 grams, which is easy to consume with water, yogurt or fruit soup.
Tampere University of Technology


Trevl is a mobile-first platform helping travellers find less-known places and learn more about them through interesting stories and beautiful visuals.
It gives both tourists and locals a way to get to truly know the places they visit thanks to knowledge sharing between the users. Users themselves create the content of the app by adding their favourite places and writing stories via which they can share their knowledge with like-minded travellers.
This way, Trevl goes beyond showing people less-known places to making an impact on how people experience the places they live in and the places they visit.

Volcano Seafood

We want to change the snack culture in bars by coming with a snack that isn’t the same old greasy, sticky, messy kind of bar snack like salted peanuts or nachos. We have something healthier and more localised (in Iceland) that people would rather like to taste while drinking beer, especially that is local. With that, we have brought to the market dried fish with extra flavours like BBQ, chilli and paprika.
Reykjavik University


ilibrary is a mobile phone platform whose main function is library seats reservation, succeed in helping libraries to manage resources. We can see the distribution of library seats directly on the mobile phone. The library administrators can decide the number of library seats to open with the help of it. In addition, the system also has the monitoring mechanism, credit mechanism, integral mechanism which improves the user’s seat selection experience.
Shanghai University Of Electric Power

Green Winner

We are GREEN WINNER, and we are a company that specialized in research and development, production and sales of automobile energy-saving and environmental protection patent products.We are trying to help all the vehicles in China to meet the requirements and we are trying to create a better living environment for all people from the using of our products.
Tianjin University

Hengfeng Science and Technology Team

We provided the high-performance poly crystalline cubic boron nitrite compact and high precision machining tool.
Jilin Normal University

First Aid by Your Side

“First Aid by Your Side” is a high-end integrated rescue system with multifunction, including self rescue, mutual first aid, first-aid training, big data analysis and Cloud service, etc.
Nanchang University