Nordbo Systems

Tell briefly about your product?

Nordbo Systems focuses on making industrial robots easy and intuitive to use. The company makes a compact and flexible robotic solution – Nordbo Cube – that very quickly can collect items from a conveyer belt. The software, that comes along with the robot, makes it easy yet intuitive for an employee to make the robot adapt to new tasks. It is also able to be moved to other places in the production. The robotic solution of Nordbo Systems is well suited for companies that has changeable production processes and needs to be able to adapt to them easily and quickly. Nordbo Systems is a consultancy and Nordbo Cube is their first physical product.

What are the advantages when starting up in Odense/Denmark? 

The StartUp Hub has been an immense advantage for us.

How has it benefitted your startup to be part of Odense Robotics Startup Hub? 

Being a part of the hub gives you some publicity and people in the industry get to know your name. To be a part of the hub you need to be approved by a board of successful people within the robotic industry, Esben Østergaard, CTO of Universal Robots to name one. When this board gives you their stamp of approval it gives you some credibility that is evident when meeting business partners. There is also a significant economical aspect of being a part of the hub. We have gotten a lot of advice when it comes to funding which was not an area that we knew much about when we started our business. You also get to be a part of some fairs that you otherwise would not have the capital as a start up company to be part of. We have benefitted from our sparring sessions with the business developers attached to the StartUp Hub. You get mentioned in professional journals and other medias. You are also able to use the facilities of the Danish Technological Institute which has been a good place for us to develop our product.

How has it been going from university to real life business? (If that was the case for you)

I worked for 8 years before starting Nordbo Systems so it was not that big of a difference.

What does the future look like for your company? Growing, time frame, number of employees, will you stay in DK, etc?

We want to grow our business both in terms of selling, number of employees and business partners. At this stage, we are turning our focus more and more towards selling. We have some business cases now. One from Tom’s which was a milestone for us.
This year our target was to sell two units and we have sold three already. Next year we would like to sell 12, and then double that number as the following years come along. That also means that we will need more employees. Mainly employees within the fields of electronics and software.

By Leo Zhou, CEO