Corepath Robotics

Tell briefly about your product?

CP Robotics is a spin out from the University of Southern Denmark established in 2015. CP Robotics is a software company with patented software licenses (PathFinder Basic & PathFinder Cloud) that enables end-users of robotic technologies in the manufacturing industry to perform industrial processes on any industrial robot arm. This paves the way for flexible and cost effective automation of manual processes – and enable small and medium sized companies (SMEs) to automate the manufacturing of small and unique series.Processes such as grinding, milling, deburring, welding, polishing, plasma cutting and dispensing are easily automated with the platform. This means the software turns industrial robot arms into easy tools a shop floor worker can use for his tasks without the expensive engineer/export level.

What are the advantages when starting up in Odense/Denmark? 

It’s a clear advantage that the more established robot companies with established sales channels are present. That makes it more accessible to tap into the established channels as well as tapping into the knowledge and experience already made. Furthermore, seed funding and start-up support is more accessible as well as robotics is a local focus point.

How has it benefitted your startup to be part of Odense Robotics Startup Hub? 

Besides being present and exposed to the relations, experience and knowledge already accumulated in the network of Odense Robotics, CP Robotics has joined join strategic forces with two of the other start ups in the Hub. We work with Nordbo Systems on a joint international customer that we would not have been able to interact with without Nordbo Systems. Moreover, Nordbo Systems will act as suppliers to us in some cases. Additionally, we have are working with Robot at Work to discover the possibilities of a joint solution in the construction industry.

How has it been going from university to real life business? (If that was the case for you)

Not completely the case here….. CEO Jimmy Jørgensen does have a past as a researcher at SDU, but has always worked on regular commercial terms next to hus university career. Jimmy is not the main developer behind the CP Robotics solution, and was only employed to spin out the business from the university. Hence, the CP Robotics team has always only worked with the solution in a commercial aspect.

What does the future look like for your company? Growing, time frame, number of employees, will you stay in DK, etc?

We expect to have the first sales this autumn and get the next round of investors on board in the beginning of 2017. The next investment rounds will make it possible for us to scale up the sales activities in order to have a total of 17 employees and a turnover of >10.000.000 EUR by December 2019.

We expect to stay in Odense, Denmark, in order to still be a part of the robotic ecosystem. We are currently looking for facilities where we can stay with more robot start-ups in Odense.

By Jimmy Alison Jørgensen, CEO