You will all receive the first business plans on (date TBA), during normal business hours.  Afterwards, you will have a few weeks to read through them and provide feedback.  Feedback is due at the end of the day on (date TBA). During the feedback process you will be required to rank different criteria as well as provide written feedback via the last criteria box. Should you have trouble finishing on time, please do let us know.

If you have any questions regarding this process please do not hesitate to ask: Maja Thorslund, Project Manager.

Again, thanks so much for your help!

The University Startup World Cup Team



Below you will find a guide which explains this further using data from a previous competition.


The number of invites you receive will depend on the number of categories youve been assigned to judge



You can click one of the links and youll be taken to YouNoodle. Some of you will already have an account and can simply log in. The new jury members will have to open a new account (this takes about 10 seconds). Please note that YouNoodle only remembers one way of signing in, which means that if you signed in with your LinkedIn account the first time, you can only use this as your sign-in. If you sign in any other way, you will not be able to see the data. 


If youre invited to more than one category, it will look like this when you log in

It is essential that you accept all of the categories that you have been invited to. This allows for a more fair and balanced judging process.