General FAQ

The University Startup World Cup is our way of identifying the most promising student startups from across the globe. We bring them together for one intense week in which focus is on development and networking. Fifty teams will join, engage and compete in the finals with the chance of winning both cash prizes and access to a valuable mentor programs provided by experienced entrepreneurs. All non-profit.

The University Startup World Cup is organized by Venture Cup which has more than 16 years of experience in discovering the entrepreneurs of tomorrow and facilitating the creation of new businesses.

The University Startup World Cup 2016 will take place from October 3-7, in Copenhagen, Denmark. One of the strongest startup scenes in the world right in the heart of Scandinavia.
The University Startup World Cup is a competition between student startups. All teams must have at least one person who is a student, faculty member or recent graduate (within the current calendar year) at the time of submission.

Teams must have a minimum of two members. At least two members of each team must be available to travel to Copenhagen, October 3-7. Participation is mandatory for all the activities planned during the week.

You apply via YouNoodle. Here you can upload your business plan and add all the information we need about you and your team. Download the eligibility requirements here.

Read more and submit here!

Once you have written your business plan, you should have a clear idea of what category your plan belongs in. Industry experts will read, rate, and provide vital feedback based on their category insight, so choosing the right category is important for both jury and participants.

We will screen all business plans to make sure you are entered in the category that best fits your idea, and you can apply with as many ideas as you want in any number of categories. You cannot however submit the same idea in more than one category.

In the countries where national competitions are held under the Venture Cup license, or by Venture Cup’s partners, teams will be selected directly to the final through these competitions.

In countries without a Venture Cup partner competition, teams can apply directly by writing an email to Human Shojaee.

National Competitions:

Sweden: Venture Cup Sweden Competition

Norway: Venture Cup Norway Competition

If you are interested in becoming a competition partner for University Startup World Cup, please contact us by sending an e-mail to Human Shojaee, CEO, Venture Cup

Teams are selected by our jury consisting of talented entrepreneurs, senior business people and investors from all over the world. The jury assesses all incoming business plans and rates the potentials of the idea both generally and based on criteria related to the specific category. The selection is made via YouNoodle and finalists are announced on this website and directly via e-mail.

In the countries where national competitions are held under the Venture Cup license or by Venture Cup’s partners, teams will be selected directly to the final.

Competitors should not assume any right of confidentiality to any information presented or discussed in public sessions. Please be aware that members of the media, potential competitors, and members of the financial community may attend public sessions.

By participating in the competition, competitors agree that Venture Cup assumes no liability and shall have no liability or obligation whatsoever for disclosures of information provided by a competitor as part of a submission or otherwise during the course of the competitions.

You can get in touch with the us by writing an e-mail to Feel free to reach out to us any time!

The 6 categories are:

  • Health: Digital health, healthtech, medical devices, life sciences, careware, medtech, biotech, drug delivery devices and compliance of drug administration.

  • NextGen Logistics: Shape the future of trade and provide simple end-to-end offering of products and services in the logistics space – from producer to consumer. Startups in this category are mostly focused on broad, scalable, and flexible solutions that can help enable trade, remove barriers and decrease inefficiencies in the global supply chain.

  • Service Innovation: Development of user experience and user design. Focus can be on development or optimization of products or service designs, experiences, events, robotics, digitalization or sharing economy.

  • Products & Design: Traditional products & devices, inventions, designs, services, hardware, etc.

  • FinTech, AI, ICT: Design, construction, operation, and use of computer systems, apps, web services, search engines, augmented reality, robots, gaming, services, VR, IoT, e-services, mobile, web, and other machines that can substitute for human actions. Includes computer programs, blockchain, and other technologies.

  • GreenTech: Cleantech, environment, climate, energy, upcycle, recycle

As a participant you will take part in pitching sessions, innovation sessions, investor meetings, a trade show to help you work up your idea so that you may compete to become the best student startup in the WORLD and more. You will get the chance to further experience Denmark’s capital. Copenhagen, a city famous for its nordic cuisine, joyful locals and forward thinking.
The week starts October 3, 2016, in the morning. Program TBA.

The week ends Friday, October 7, 2016, in the afternoon. Program TBA.

All finalists who are invited to Copenhagen for the University Startup World Cup have the opportunity to apply and join our Development Program.

The program consists of a network of experienced entrepreneurs and executives who act as mentors for promising startups with the goal of turning the innovative ideas into reality. The network of mentors has excessive experience in various areas thus securing professional support and guidance to startups in all industries.

Each team will be awarded a package worth $30.000 of services and products ranging from IT to social marketing, legal services, human resources, management tools and much more. The enrolled startups have access to the mentor program and services for one year and the opportunity to apply for a new or additional expert mentor each quarter.

We work very hard to match mentors with mentees depending on challenges, competencies and overall personal impression. You can read more about the Mentor Program here.
The program will be announced later.

The program will be announced later.