You have been selected as a finalist for the University Startup World Cup!

Below you will find all the ‘nice and need-to know’ information about being a finalist at the University Startup World Cup.

General FAQ

We have arranged a nice agreement for you with Cabinn City Hotel, who will offer a 25 % discount on all rooms exclusively for USWC finalists! The price includes breakfast every morning. Please book here remember to choose Cabin City Hotel and type in the promotional code: WIN2016

Click here for a guideline on how to book.

We highly encourage you to stay at Cabinn City as this increases your chances of networking with the other finalists and gain the most from social relations. Furthermore Venture Cup staff will be having a help desk at the hotel every day and bring teams to the different events during the week.

Book your flight ticket to Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup. This is situated approx. 20 minutes from inner city of Copenhagen and is the major airport of Denmark.
Take a train from the airport to the Central Station (Hovedbanegården) and walk 5 minutes to Cabinn City Hotel: Mitchellsgade 14, 1568 1568 København V. You can use to find directions with public transport to any address.  A World Cup helpdesk will be available at the hotel from 9.00-20.00 on Sunday, October 2.
If you need a visa please send an email as soon as possible with your team name, full name and home address to Project Assistant Alfred Shek You will then receive an official invitation letter by email, which you must bring to the Danish Embassy in your residence country.
The events take place at different locations each day. Monday – Thursday mainly takes place at Danish Universities. You can see the locations and specific adresses in the week program here

You can see the week program here – more details are continuously added to the program
On October 6th we host a semi-final where all finalist teams pitch towards a jury of approx 5 people. You will pitch towards a jury with knowledge and interest of your specific category.

You will do a 4 minutes pitch supported by your slide presentation and then spend 10-12 minutes on Q&A with the jury.

The semi-final is a closed-door event, and you will only be pitching towards the people in the jury room. The jury will then select a winner of each category, but no winners will be announced until the Awardshow!

At the Awardshow, Friday October 7th, the category winners will be announced on stage. If your team is among the winners, you will go on stage and do a 4 minutes pitch towards a VIP Jury. This is followed by 5 minutes with questions from the VIP Jury.

The Jury will then votate and select an overall winner of the University Startup World Cup 2016.

Competitors should not assume any right of confidentiality to any information presented or discussed in public sessions. Please be aware that members of the media, potential competitors, and members of the financial community may attend public sessions.

By participating in the competition, competitors agree that Venture Cup assumes no liability and shall have no liability or obligation whatsoever for disclosures of information provided by a competitor as part of a submission or otherwise during the course of the competitions.

The organisation behind USWC is called Venture Cup – it is a small not-for profit organisation owned by the 8 official universities in Denmark. Our purpose is to help students fulfill their dreams and try our life as an entrepreneur, and we do this by offering development programs and hosting several annual startup competitions. Read more about Venture Cup at
Breakfast is included in the hotel booking at Cabinn City Hotel. Lunch is covered most days during events, while dinner is most days on your own.
For the semi-finals you must bring your own slides on a usb and connect to the computer (provided) before pitching. Category winners will be selected at the semi-finals.

The category winners will be announced at the Awardshow, and must immediately start their pitch on stage. To ensure we have your pitch slides ready in case you are selected as finalists, we must receive your slides no later than Thursday October 6, 10 am.

  • Send slides to:
  • Topic for the email:  PP – “Team name”
  • Title on powerpoint slides: “Team name”
  • Format: Pptx and 6:9
  • There is no maximum number of slides, but we suggest you do not have more than 15 slides in your presentation
It’s important that you bring something to showcase your idea or business. Either a prototype, a product, a poster…be creative! You will use this at the Expo where we open the doors for guests to come and explore your ideas, and it is also a possibility to use at the semi-finals when pitching in front of the jury.

Remember to also bring a usb key to save your updated slides during the week and bring for the semi-finals.

This is where World Cup finalists, people from the Danish startup environment and international business professionals all get together to celebrate an amazing week! The process and your involvement during the day is fairly simple:

Category Winners are announced live on stage. If your team is mentioned, you will go on stage to receive your reward, and immediately after you will pitch towards the audience and the VIP jury sitting on stage. The jury will then have 5 minutes for Q&A, so be prepared to reflect on your idea! By the end of the day, an over all winner of the University Startup World Cup will be selected and presented. It all goes down at the 17th-century stock exchange Børsen, in the center of Copenhagen, situated next to Christiansborg Palace, the seat of the Danish Parliament.

See a picture of Børsen here: Børs

See more about the Awardshow program, the VIP Jury and our amazing speakers here.

All finalists who are invited to Copenhagen for the University Startup World Cup have the opportunity to apply and join our Development Program.

The program consists of a network of experienced entrepreneurs and executives who act as mentors for promising startups with the goal of turning the innovative ideas into reality. The network of mentors has excessive experience in various areas thus securing professional support and guidance to startups in all industries.

Each team will be awarded a package worth $30.000 of services and products ranging from IT to social marketing, legal services, human resources, management tools and much more. The enrolled startups have access to the mentor program and services for one year and the opportunity to apply for a new or additional expert mentor each quarter.

During the expo mentors will be visiting/”dating” the startups. They have special badges on, so you will be knowing who’s mentors and who’s not.

At your arrival at the Expo, you will be given a “Speed Matching Card”. The card gives you the opportunity to write and wish three mentors (in prioritized order) that you have talked to and would like to be matched with. Mentors are doing the exact same thing. At the end of Expo all Speed Matching Card from mentors and startups is collected and a matching process (taking 2-4 weeks) is started.

90 % of our mentors are located in Denmark. You mentor meetings will therefore most likely be trough skype.

The situation, stage and need is different from startups to startups. Startup and mentor should therefore together work out a mentor/startup program plan their fit the match best.
We have developed a program plan tool there will guide you through this process. Please find the tool in the “Mentor Program Welcome Catalogue” here.

A typical meal at a café in Copenhagen costs around 120 DKK (18 USD) and 5 USD for a soda. If you go to a restaurant you can expect to pay around 25 – 37 USD for a meal.

You are expected to buy weekly ticket for public transport around Copenhagen, it will cost 380 DKK (61 USD)

You can always find sandwiches, salads, hot dogs etc. at 7Eleven where prices are about 3-9 USD.

Yes, you are of course welcome to bring anyone who can cheer on you during the week. But please be aware that all events during the week are only for the finalists – except for the Expo and the Awardshow which are open to guests. But Copenhagen is a lovely city, and there is plenty to explore during the day.

Copenhagen has an extensive infrastructure with several metro stations, regular trains and busses. Copenhagen is divided into travel zones. You will mainly be in zone 1 and 2 during the week. Upon arrival you should buy a Flexcard with zone 1 and 2. It costs approx. 37 USD and you can buy it at DSB ticket sales (at the airport) and in all 7-elevens.

Please note: If you buy a Flexcard, you must buy a two zone add-on ticket to get from the airport to the Cabinn City Hotel. This ticket should cover zone 3 and 4.

If you do not buy a Flexcard at the airport, you should buy a three zone ticket which covers zone 1, 3 & 4.

Read more about transportation and ticket types here:

Furthermore, you can rent a citybike and bike around the city – Danes love to bike and you will find many bike tracks around the city. But be careful, as Danes often drive very fast on bikes! Uber is also widely used, and so is regular taxies.

The official currency in Denmark is the Danish crown, DKK. You can pay with Euro in some stores, but we highly recommend that you carry Danish cash. You can pay with VISA and credit cards in all shops, restaurants and taxis.  
You can never really count on the Danish weather but in general October is windy, and can be rainy (it’s Danish fall). Expect around 8-12 degrees celcius.
No, as a finalist we have automatically reserved a spot for you and the team members you have registered joining (we offer up to 4 seats at the Awardshow).

If you bring family members or others who are not an active part of the team, they must book tickets for both the Expo and the Awardshow.

Your pitch is going to be 4 minutes long, and after there will be time for Q&A from the judges.

If you have questions after having read the FAQ, please send an email to