We’ll announce all the finalists from the open submission July 12 so stay tuned!

Below you will find all the ‘nice and need-to know’ information about being a #USWC18 finalist. The list will be updated continuously.

General FAQ

We have entered a nice agreement for you with CABINN APARTMENTS which will offer a 25 % discount on all rooms exclusively for USWC finalists! The price includes breakfast every morning. Please book here remember to choose CABINN Metro Hotel and type in the promotional code: WIN2018

Click here for a guideline on how to book.

We highly encourage you to stay at CABINN APARTMENTS as this increases your chances of networking with the other finalists and gain the most from social relations. Furthermore, Venture Cup staff will have a help desk at the hotel every day and bring teams to the different events during the week.

Book your flight ticket to Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup. This is situated approx. 20 minutes from inner city of Copenhagen and close to CABINN APARTMENTS.  

Take the metro from the airport to Ørestad Metro station and walk 5 minutes to CABINN Apartments: Arne Jacobsens Allé 4, 2300 Copenhagen S. You can use www.rejseplanen.dk to find directions with public transport to any address.  

Competitors should not assume any right of confidentiality to any information presented or discussed in public sessions. Please be aware that members of the media, potential competitors, and members of the financial community may attend public sessions. All judges, jury and VC staff sign a confidentiality agreement.

By participating in the competition, competitors agree that Venture Cup assumes no liability and shall have no liability or obligation whatsoever for disclosures of information provided by a competitor as part of a submission or otherwise during the course of the competitions.

The organisation behind USWC is called Venture Cup. Venture Cup is a global non-profit organisation with offices around the world. Our purpose is to help students fulfill their dreams and try the life as an entrepreneur. We offer development programs and host several annual startup competitions. Read more about Venture Cup at www.venturecup.dk

Breakfast is included at CABINN APARTMENTS. Some food and beverages will be provided during the week.

It’s important that you bring something to showcase your idea or business. Either a prototype, a product, a poster…be creative! You will use this at the EXPO where we open the doors for guests to come and explore your ideas, and it is also a possibility to use at the semi-finals when pitching in front of the jury.

Remember to also bring a usb key to save your updated slides during the week and bring for the semi-finals.

This is where World Cup finalists, people from the Danish startup environment and international business professionals all get together to celebrate an amazing week! The process and your involvement during the day is fairly simple:

Category Winners are announced live on stage. If your team is mentioned, you will go on stage to receive your reward, and immediately after you will pitch towards the audience and the VIP jury sitting on stage. The jury will then have 5 minutes for Q&A, so be prepared to reflect on your idea! By the end of the day, an overall winner of the University Startup World Cup will be selected and presented. The location is TBA.

Thursday, October 11th, all finalists will participate in an EXPO at DTU High Tech Summit where more than 6000 guests will participate.

The dimensions of your stand at the DTU High Tech Summit where you will present your startup are 2 meter x 1 meter. We will provide pins for you to post your materials.

Read more about the summit here.

A typical meal at a café in Copenhagen costs around 120 DKK (18 USD) and 5 USD for a soda. 

You are expected to buy weekly ticket for public transport around Copenhagen, it will cost 380 DKK (61 USD)

You can always find sandwiches, salads, hot dogs etc. at 7Eleven where prices are about 3-9 USD.

Yes, you are of course welcome to bring anyone who can cheer for you during the week. But please be aware that all events during the week are for the finalists only – except for the EXPO and the Awardshow which are open to guests. But Copenhagen is a lovely city, and there is plenty to explore during the day.

Book your flight ticket to Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup. This is situated approx. 20 minutes from inner city of Copenhagen and close to CABINN APARTMENTS.  

Your pitch is going to be 4 minutes long, and after there will be time for Q&A from the judges. For helpful information about the NABC, Need-Approach-Benefit-Competition, read it here.

If you have questions after having read the FAQ, please send an email to info@universityworldcup.com