BreatheSuite is developing an inhaler add-on device built to train patients with Asthma and COPD proper inhaler technique and adherence. The BreatheSuite device sends data automatically to the user’s smartphone, where the patient receives feedback on each inhaler dosage, in order to improve their inhaler usage in the future to get more medication to their lungs.
Memorial University of Newfoundland


Transarterial embolization is one of the useful method for the treatment of arteriovenous malformations, tumors, gastric bleeding etc. It reducing the size and diminishing the anomalous flow and contribute to increase the chance of cure . Embolization is performed by liquid embolic agents (LEA). Among them the most famous Ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (Onyx), N-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate (NBCA) glue and Phil® -Precipitating hydrophobic injectable liquid . However, there comparing since introduction showed controversial results. One preferred Onyx and Phil, other NBCA, summarized that every one have disadvantages and introduction of new, better LEA is mandatory. The global neurovascular devices market continue to grow and in nearest future LEA will be permanent tool in every hospital. Our center was pioneering in LEA research in Ukraine in early 90s. Our LEA is called «Embolin» and has advantage in polymerization, imaging and price. Latest researches had showed promising results of «Embolin» usage in different vascular pathology.
Startup Kiev

Good Vibe Medical

We are a medical device company focused on rehabilitative technology through biomechanical stimulation therapy, which uses repeated low-frequency vibrations to loosen muscle tension, improve circulation, and stimulate cells. There is some clinical research that suggests that this therapy can have immense benefits for cerebral palsy and osteoporosis patients, to name two conditions. We are currently focused on a meal assistance device for autonomous eating in cerebral palsy patients, although we eventually will create multiple devices for a multitude of conditions.
New Jersey Institute of Technology


Loro is a platform for providing a smart companion for wheelchair users.
Harvard University

MoTrack Therapy

MoTrack Therapy provides improved hand therapy for patients suffering from wrist fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, and related conditions by integrating their at-home physical therapy exercises with real-time feedback, long term improvement tracking, and fun games. Our product is a smartphone application that collects and interprets data from the phone’s camera during therapy exercises to track the patient’s progress. Patients know in the moment how well their therapy is going, receiving a gamified PT experience. Medical providers also receive detailed analytics on recovery path while increasing patient compliance. Our convenient and portable solution is the next-generation of physical therapy.
Johns Hopkins University


NEVARO is a new-born startup based in Portugal. We have developed an innovative and objective method for phobia treatment. What drives us forward is the will to improve the lives of those who suffer from mental disorders, namely anxiety related issues.
By combining virtual/augmented reality and neuroscience, the goal is to apply our exposure therapy solution alongside with traditional treatment methods for phobias, namely psychotherapy and pharmacology.
We aim to optimize treatment, making it a guided-therapist approach. To achieve that, we are targeting hospitals, clinics and medical practices, through a B2B business strategy and a hardware+SaaS type approach.
University of Lisbon


S-Case medical is a technological device that is intended for third world countries. S-Case is a combination of several large, expensive, inconvenient and energy-intensive medical facilities into one compact device.
S-Case is able to measure human physiological functions without the presence of a medical specialist. If S-Case’s condition does not meet the range of physiological values, S-Case will alert the patient about problems associated with a non-physiological value. S-Case will use the form of telemedicine to send data directly from S-Case to the doctor’s mobile / computer application.
Comenius University in Bratislava

Sehat Labs

Sehat Labs develop and sell intelligent software solutions primarily to the healthcare sector in order to handle their pre-hospitalization interviews (PHI). Due to the AI-based interview assistant, the patient will be able to have a clarifying pre-hospitalization interview with the interview assistant resulting in a clinical report for nurses and doctors to read. Thus, our solution relieves more time resources and at the same time it is making the process smoother for patients. Our solution minimizes nurses’ resources spent on pre-hospitalization interviews (PHI) by 66,67%.
University of Southern Denmark


StrydeTech is an innovative and life changing mobility enablement device which provides independence and confidence to those who are unable to stand up on their own. The StrydeTech mobility device helps people get from a seated position to a standing position independently. It is a feature absent from normal walking frames. This is done by lowering the handles of the device to the users seated waist height. It is thus reducing the effort when standing up by 32%. StrydeTech encourages people to be active. StrydeTech gives people who are struggling to come to terms with losing their mobility a means to become independent again.
Cork Institute of Technology


TresActio is a novel lab-scale fermentation control system. By adding monitoring, control, and wireless communication to the strain screening process we replace the current analog solutions with a cyber-physical system, propelling more areas of biotechnology IT into industry 4.0.
Technical University of Denmark
Danmark, Slovakia, Russia, America


Skill and procedure training for medical students is expensive, time-consuming and outdated. The result is inefficient learning at large costs and in some cases it can pose a danger to patients.
Our solution is to create a teaching aid, in the form of a virtual space where students can learn and practice skills and procedures at any time and place. We expect that this will lead to more efficient face-to-face teaching as instructors can skip the basics and focus on the advanced parts and supervised hands-on training. It will also decrease costs as the real equipment which is also used for training, is extremely expensive.
University of Southern Denmark

VulCur MedTech

VulCur MedTech is a medical device development company focusing on wound healing, using a novel combination of existing technologies. Our method of treatment uses laser technology to kill bacteria within wounds, which is a treatment breakthrough.
University of Copenhagen


XVision is an automated X-Ray diagnostics application that uses machine learning to interpret radiographies with radiologist-level accuracy. The system is useful in both underdeveloped countries, where it can provide an alternative to otherwise scarce radiologists, and in well-developed medical systems, where it can assist specialists with relevant suggestions.
University Politehnica of Timisoara

NextGen Logistics


BlueBenu is developing a lead technology for converting plastic pollution and mixed waste into crude-oil, eco-fuels, and petrochemicals. The Modular Production Units (MPU) allow decentralized implementations and are composed by a container-sized structure that holds the reactors and tanks. The BlueBenu System for the treatment of plastic waste helps communities and business who want to treat unsorted plastic waste by providing a smart zero-waste-and-emissions technology and promoting decentralized oil production for socio-economic development, even on the most remote places in the world. We work towards nine of the seventeen UN-SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).
Danish Technical University/Copenhagen Business School-Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship 


Inspectite is a company dedicated to making industrial inspection easier.  It is allowing more consistent records and optimization of predictive maintenance by the end user. Our entry into the market is through the maritime sector, inspecting cargo ships and securing efficiency of the engines. However through contacts in other industries, we are actively seeking out gaps in the industrial inspection market to build solutions to the problems we identify.
Danish Technical University

ISEAL Digital

On every container that is being shipped worldwide, a seal must be used to ensure its security. Currently, the most used solution is an analog, one-time seal. iSeal Digital provides a smart reusable solution for shipping containers, which does not only provide increased security over regular seals, but also a system allowing remote access management. These functionalities combined, allow for time-saving every step of the container’s journey, introduce a reliable security system and remove the need of replacing and documenting physical seals. iSeal Digital a sure solution to decrease the costs and bring more value to the business.
Technical University of Denmark

Nucleus Technologies S.R.L

ClarK – Smart Glasses for Industry 4.0. ClarK offers a solution based on augmented reality (AR) to improve workers’ efficiency and safety across industries. The AR smart glasses have features such as camera with continuous QR scanning, thermo-vision, wireless connectivity, sensors and integrated head-up display. From factories and warehouses to fieldwork, ClarK offers a scalable solution, being part of a modular ecosystem. The head-up display offers real time information easing the work of the employee and allowing for a boost in productivity.
Politehnica University of Bucharest


Drones, robots and other devices have been revolutionised over the last 80 years but the two-joystick control interface has not. Tekuma has built a one-handed six-degrees-of-freedom tactile controller that is intuitive, universal and robust. It reduces the time, cost and personnel required to get the job done. Testing through Michael’s mechatronics honours thesis has found it reduces the learning curve for new users and increases user confidence. We’ve tested it with over 600 users with drones but our controller also works with robots, submarines, rovers and other devices. We want to improve the way humans interact with technology.
University of Technology, Sydney & Macquarie University


Timey produces smart “best before” indicators for temperature sensitive food. It is a sticker sensitive to time and temperature that will turn from green to red. The stickers can be attached to food packages giving the customers an accurate representation of the food’s condition.
Tallinn University of Technology

UAV Control Tower

UAV Control Tower is a comprehensive flight management system for drones that allows for the approval, monitoring and historical recording keeping of UAV flights. Designed to meet the needs of all parties involved in the drone flight process, UAV Control Tower ensures the safety of airspaces by culminating an easy-to-use design that fits perfectly into all users workflows. UAV Control Tower is ensuring that the constantly innovating drone industry will not be halted by inadequate airspace regulation systems.
Memorial University of Newfoundland


Hyperloop consists of capsules travelling at high frequency inside low-pressure tubes. Zeleros has designed an innovative hyperloop transport solution that outperforms any current transport system in cost and energy efficiency. It achieves speeds above 1000 km/h with reduced construction, operation and maintenance costs. Zeleros’ unique approach relies in the integration of the main levitation and propulsion technologies in an autonomous and fully-electric vehicle. It reduces the complexity of the tube infrastructure resulting in a scalable system ideal for long-distance routes.
Universitat Politécnica de Valencia

Service Innovation

Choose Your Future

Choose Your Future is helping people (such as refugees, students and employees) find the best place to live and integrate them to their new home cities. Our award-winning digital tools enhance different stages of integration processes resulting in a better well-being and reducing costs of various organizations such as universities, cities and companies who are responsible for these new citizens.
University of Turku

Famousgadget Lda

Performance track is a project management tool and was created to help filling a gap in the startup ecosystem. Startups are creative and have difficulties to keep focus on a finished product. Investors, managers and sponsors of startups need plans and estimations of progress performances on track, whilst avoiding deviations. This is a problem of plan over control.
We built this incredible new “organic” table offering multiple connectivity with timelines, performances and budgets. Simply manage your great projects by easy plan over control. We believe great projects are everywhere and we are here to help everybody to succeed!


The mission of GoldenMe is to eliminate social isolation with a particular focus on people over 50.
We aim to achieve this by bringing people together based on common interests and local events, as well as value added goods & services. By using simple technology, we want to connect the entire ecosystem to help participants stay active and involved. Our mobile application and website will be easy to use, connecting all parties to encourage “real-life” encounters.
University of Luxembourg Incubator

Homecooked, Inc.

Homecooked is a social dining platform that organizes dinner events at the homes of local chefs. Rather than organizing events by food or menu, we have honed in on food as a medium for social connection. Our events are organized by a deck of social profile cards, displaying the bio and passions/interests of the attendees. Users are most likely to see events where others share their interests because an ML-powered algorithm displays them at the top of the feed.
Yale University
United States of America


We are making it easier for startup founders to turn their dreams into a sustainable reality. We provide sequential priority roadmap that lets them work on the right decisions at the right times while saving and analysing the workflow and decision-making process in the team. We connect the founders with the right specialists in their area. Our automated backend process builds a dynamic business case based on the startups actions, not just results. We use that data to optimise our own processes to provide even more accurately personalised experience and to provide a specific success assessment.
Tampere University of Applied Sciences


In order to achieve the resource sharing and optimum utilization, JUYITEST had constructed an O2O trading service platform. Based on the internet, it collects all the scientific research instrument and equipment from universities home and abroad, research institutes, the third-party inspectors and enterprises for scientific research and testing. Device sharing cannot only promote the collaborative innovation ability of universities and scientific research institutions, but also reduce the research and development threshold and cost, and encourage the innovation and upgrading capability of enterprises. Convenient and efficient online booking which saves time for many researchers; Experts and scholars gathered to support your research; Simulation will shorten the R&D period and reduce the cost; Transparency service prices; Perfect service system will help every one of us.
Shanghai Jiaotong University


Lost It Found It (LIFI) was born to create a society where individuals are responsible and practice integrity. It is a business which prioritises bringing up the goodness in people. LIFI is an application function which aims to foster community engagement and interaction through communication by raising awareness of items misplaced or found within designated compounds.
‘What are you waiting for? Go get a LIFI.’
Now Asia International SDN

Morpheus Team

Morpheus Zone is a system for creating and playing online e-sports programming games. The player writes a strategy for a game. That strategy is paired against strategies of other players in real-time in a virtual 3D arena.
University of Zagreb


Nearfit is an online aggregator of fitness centers.
We partner up with various fitness centers and offer fitness passes to customers in both online and offline format along with an online software called “Galaxy CRM”.
Nearfit (NF) passes consist of ‘single day’ and ‘weekly’ fitness passes created by any fitness center. A fitness center can create a pass e.g. for Zumba and we broadcast and sell that pass from our website.
Indian Institute Of Management Raipur


OWAY is a sharing economy express delivery service. Our service solves the problem of delivery in a unique way. We help connect people who want to send goods abroad (or receive from abroad) with those who can do it on a short notice for a small fee. Thus, we help customers save on the service delivery, and share a part of trips’ cost. We use the B2C business model and take commission based on the order amount.
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


StudySmarter empowers everyone to achieve their educational goals. We have developed an intelligent learning platform, boosting learning efficiency and motivation. Our algorithms automatically create Mind-Maps and other materials from uploaded material and recommend additional content. Students are automatically matched into learning communities, allowing them to share content and know-how – for free.
Since our launch earlier in 2018, we have over 10.000 active students, and university partnerships in Germany and the UK. That is also when we generated our first revenue. 71% of our users were more motivated to study and 78% received better grades with StudySmarter.
Technical University Munich & Ludwig Maxmilian University

Products & Design


One of the most common issues of the 21st century is back pains. We have developed a product that can be attached to chairs. It is composed of 3 interconnected elements: an intelligent proprietary sensor kit, a web application that sends pop-ups if your posture on the chair is incorrect, and a mobile application that shows a full-analysis of your back, indicating the problematic zones and their evolution over time.
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

Emblo TS

Our product is an end-to-end IoT solution that monitors the location, the condition and the use of construction tools and offers predictive maintenance for them.
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Based on real events of September 6, 2017. “What if we make a disposable cup out of this?!” This was the first thought that came to our minds when we were developing new food products and accidentally received a sample of durable material from animal protein.
Our FoodBIOPack project is aimed at solving the global problem of plastic contamination. It is based on the innovative technology of biodegradable materials for food packaging. After being used, the packaging can be reused in the biomaterials production or included in organic fertilizers.
Sumy National Agrarian University

Inniti Ivs

R&D and product innovation within the process industry requires the design of experimental setups for flow control of chemicals. We introduce the concept of rapid prototyping and industry 4.0 in the process industry, by introducing a modular, flexible and scalable IoT-based solution for flow control.  Moreover, we provide an easy-to-use interface, where the experiments can be programmed while keeping an overview of the whole process over time. We will allow the end-user to share the design of their setups worldwide so that the same experiment can be set up without any shipment of infrastructure, travel or consultancy costs. Our solution will be cloud-based, so experimental setups and data could be monitored from anywhere, thus allowing a whole new set of opportunities for cost effective rapid development of our customers’ products and materials.
Aalborg Universitet

Laava Tech

Laava Tech develops artificial lighting systems for greenhouse operators to decrease energy consumption and increase yield. We have developed a combination of hardware and software, which gives each and every plant the perfect growing conditions. With our proprietary software we are able to decrease energy consumption by 3 to 10 times compared to current systems as well as increase quality and quantity of yield by 10-20%. We offer a monthly subscription service where we provide access to our hardware, software and database of the optimized growing conditions.
Tallinn University of Technology


Lupinta is a new innovative, sustainable alternative for soy products. We stand for eating tasty, healthy & environmentally friendly food. Our mission is to decrease soy importation from outside the EU for a more sustainable world and instead increase the use of locally grown lupin products. We are developing dairy/meat substitutes from locally grown lupin beans, which are rich in plant protein and fiber. Our goal is to stimulate local lupin industries by increasing demand for lupin-based products, therefore encouraging more local farmers to grow lupin.
The Swedish University of Agriculture and Malmö University

NIHAX Sensible

Our vision is to make the measuring and understanding of the world around us more engaging and available to all. Sensors are used to understand and analyse everything from industrial processes to classroom exercises and home environments. By providing a cost-efficient, intuitive and a more powerful system and integrating smart devices, we can engage the user in understanding the world around them.
We are developing a product consisting of hardware and a companion app. The hardware translates the signal from a connected sensor, the smart device can read the signal and presents data through the app in a visual and practical manner.
Technical University of Denmark

Shanjirensi —Hidden Treasure in ‘the South of Colorful Clouds’

“Shanjirensi” is our self-made affordable-luxury brand for elegant, distinguished and fashionable ethnic minority jewelry products. Our vision is to make cultural symbols of ethnic minorities re-enter the market by drawing hand embroidery essence of various ethnic minorities such as Yi, Bai, Naxi, Hani ethnicities onto our products. We also take inheriting “nation symbols and carrying forward ethnic culture” as the entrepreneurship idea and “integrating the Internet and jewelry into ethnic minority symbols” as enterprise responsibilities.
Dianchi College of Yunnan University


Speakeasy brings the world of gin to your doorstep. With our high-quality gin tasting set we provide an all-in-one gin experience. Gin enthusiasts can relate to the feeling of not knowing which gin to try next. They can spend a lot of time and money on gin decisions without knowing how it tastes and the increasing amount of gin distilleries makes this decision even harder.
Speakeasy gives you the opportunity to test various international gin brands with a simple mouse click from home. With our all-in-one box, including gin, tonic water and botanicals, you can enjoy the perfect Gin & Tonic.
Munich Business School

Fintech, AI, ICT

Go ARGuide

Our goal is to provide tourists with a guide accessible on their phone. Using augmented reality (A.R.) we bring you Go ARGuide, a free app that provides a local guide, where tourists can watch points of interest. We aim to globalize the service using Reykjavík as a starting point. Users will receive recommendations on nearby stores and restaurants as well as thorough guidance through the city and its history. GO ARGuide will help tourists experience and enjoy more for less work and money.
Reykjavik University


Heart disease is the number-one killer all around the world. In fact, every 2 seconds, 1 person dies from a heart disease! According to World Health Organization, the death cause in many cases is the LATE detection of the disease.
Heartstrings is the world’s first clinically-validated technology that uses Artificial Intelligence for screening and early diagnosis of heart disease.
We provide an accurate, non-invasive and low-cost decision-support tool to doctors and help them detect heart diseases before it is too late. Our ground-breaking invention has been tested and validated with more than 700 patients through 2 successful clinical trials.
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)


imagiCase is working to inspire the next generation of female technologists and increase the proportion of women studying and working in the STEM fields. imagiCase started as a research project where we co-created ideas with young girls. We learned that self expression is extremely important to teenagers, as well as their cell phones. This is how the idea of imagiCase was born: it is a phone case with embedded LED lights that can be programmed to display any text, design or color through programming with the imagiCase mobile platform. The platform also provides tutorials of coding concepts guiding the user through the journey of learning to code in a gamified way. It also fosters an online community through the possibility of sharing one’s creations on a design feed.
Royal Institute of Technology


Moneysphere is digitalizing the traditional lending circle by using online-based and equipping blockchain to make it more transparant, efficient, and scaleable.
Universitas Indonesia


Prostec is a tech startup with a goal of improving production and business efficiency of livestock farms around the world. Farmers meet a series of problems in keeping records of their animals and the economic part of the farm management. Our solution uses RFID technology to tag animals together with a device to identify them from a greater distance. We also developed a software which enables farmers to track the progress of their livestock and alarms them when there is a possibility of a disease.
University of Zagreb

Pyn Labs

Our project Djem Music is a next generation musical platform designed from to solve problems in the current musical platforms while keeping easy for the mainstream adoption. We are working to lower the barrier to success for audio content creators like musicians, podcasters and audio comedians by building a decentralized version of a modern musical platform.
Our vision is to bring crypto to the mainstream users by leveraging the network effect of the music culture with the power of smart contracts. The goal is to bring fairness, transparency and trust in the musical industry.
International University Of East Africa


Trusteed is a Software as a service tool for Instagram deep analytics. Trusteed utilizes the power of data trough our own data science and machine learning algorithms resulting in in-depth insights about followers’ interests, their behavior and reaction to different kind of content. Deep content insights result in organic growth of Instagram account based on customer data, so their reach, engagement, potential sales, number of followers and active followers are no longer a mystery, but a clear result of your data driven shaped content.
University of Belgrade

Vibration Mill Development For Mechanoactivation Of Loose Material

Processing technology of mechano-activation of the particles after fine grinding in the Vibration Mill will enable creation of a wide range of a new products for the customers, especially in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Our mill is a universal machine and it can be used not only in above mentioned fields, but in a huge varieties of other industries as well.
Vinnytsia National Agrarian University

Yellow Card Financial

Yellow Card is the cryptocurrency gift card. Buy and sell crypto with cash at a store near you.
Yellow Card distributes its Yellow Card Vouchers and PINs into retail stores around the world, which allow customers to pay in their local fiat currency and receive cryptocurrency instantly. With distribution partnerships in place for over 160,000 locations in 17 countries across Africa, the Middle East, and the United States, Yellow Card makes basic financial services, global markets, and e-commerce more accessible, and affordable, than ever before.
Auburn University
United States Of America

Yep Sarl-S

Our company offers LUXCMS, a highly flexible and customizable app engine that works natively on iOS and Android. It is the perfect solution for organizations that are mainly focused on providing news and information as well as instantaneous notifications to their audience.
LUXCMS is the “WordPress for apps”.
University of Luxembourg



3CULAR is reinventing 3D printing in a sustainable way, enabling manufacturers to produce any kind of wooden objects out of leftover wood material, increasing resource productivity and reducing the use of plastics as the most popular 3D printing material. This innovation enables designers, wood and furniture industries produce wooden objects faster and easier, saving costs, resources and the environment. It provides design freedom, improves quality through lighter parts and prevents tonnes of CO2 from being released to the environment.
Estonian University of Life Sciences 


Two researchers, a lot of crazy ideas and a willingness to transform a concept into a physical product. This is how our journey started at the end of 2017 which marks the beginning of the startup, Cellugy. It was officially founded in April 2018 to address the challenge of plastic pollution.
Our mission is to create sustainable packaging by utilising a biomaterial derived from sugar. We pursue a packaging with the same features as conventional plastics, but harmless to the environment. A waste that can be safely put into nature thus, contributing to soil fertility.
Aarhus University

Dust Killer

With the increasing environment protection demand against air pollution such as smog and haze, we created a safe and innovative liquid suppressant product for industrial use to reduce the dust level effectively. We named it Dust Killer. Especially with photocatalyst technology, our suppressant product can also decompose the organic pollutant. As soon as the Dust Killer is sprayed onto the surface, it forms a thin layer of pellicle immediately to control the dust level in the air with multiple functions such as sterilization, disinfection, deodorization and releasing negative oxygen ions in the same time.
Hebei University


iBreathe is the first personal unit for air monitoring and environmental tutorship; it is designed to introduce the user to a new eco-sustainable lifestyle. It consist of a physical device that collects and displays real-time values of air quality for the users’ local area. An artificial intelligence algorithm will be used to generate the best tailor-made eco-friendly behaviour suggestions easily applied in own daily life. iBreathe drives a behavioural change that inspires the citizens to have a healthier routine.
Aberdeen University and the Elevator UK Aberdeen
United Kingdom

Octarine Bio

Octarine Bio is a synthetic biology startup providing bio-active ingredients to improve skin care and by that, human wellbeing using sustainable microbial fermentation platforms. We produce complex bio-active molecules where the corresponding plant-extraction or chemical synthesis methods are too expensive to be commercially viable. Our process is sustainable, CO2 neutral and unlike chemical synthesis, it produces molecules which are regarded as ‘natural’ in increasingly important consumer preference. Our current portfolio includes production platforms for several plant-derived molecules shown to impact a variety of skin conditions including UV induced damage, hyper-pigmentation, and hypo-pigmentation.
Technical University of Denmark & University of Copenhagen


We are a team of engineers who feel that people demand a little more from ventilation. We have developed an energy-efficient ventilation system with heat recovery. It is at its core to have a predictive algorithm which allows the system to withstand extreme winter temperatures. We made it small, smart, efficient. We have reinvented ventilation!
Kaunas Technology University

Polynovo Biotech

Polynovo Biotech is a unique startup company, which could produce high-value microalgal biomass based on straw waste. Compared with the traditional process, the production efficiency can be raised by more than 30 times and the cost can be reduced by 60%. This breakthrough would effectively overcome the bottlenecks restricting the large-scale production of microalgae. Moreover, it will provide a promising solution to release the worldwide dependence of protein source on ocean fish meal in animal industry. Besides, our novel fermentation approach based on low-cost straw rather than grain starch could be further used to produce other microbial products and provide competitive solutions.
Tsinghua University

Shengneng Power Plant Resource Recycling Team

Our team is committed to forming a mutually beneficial and profitable profit model with the power plant. We help them reduce fly ash discharged into the atmosphere and process the collected fly ash into environmentally-friendly recycled products, which can meet the demand gap of engineering construction products in the process of urbanization in developing countries. At the beginning of the company’s establishment, it can reduce 300 tons of fly ash soot emissions per year for large-scale thermal power plants, and eliminate 500,000-800,000 tons of fly ash accumulation, which has good environmental and economic benefits.
Shanghai University of Electric Power


Sunthetics provides an alternative path to manufacture a chemical intermediate for nylon that is emission-free, more efficient, and cost-effective. There are current shortages in nylon intermediates due to increasing demand, complex reactions, and production interruptions. In consequence, there is an opportunity to significantly improve the chemical manufacturing industry with better, more sustainable and modern technology. Sunthetics offers a solar-powered reactor that uses 50% less energy, less raw material, and produces less waste, while removing 20% of carbon emissions from the entire manufacturing process.
New York University
United States of America


Coal and nuclear energy are still the most prominent sources of energy in America. Issues of pollution and adoption of a more viable alternative energy solution have become a greater concern. We address renewable energy, pollution and promote nature conservation through one power solution. How? Plant generated electricity. As plants grow, the bacteria around the roots absorbs excess minerals and releases free electrons. We propose an idea that utilizes technology, which can harness these free electrons and convert it into clean renewable energy. We call it Zen charge. Zen charge also has a global potential able to benefit developing countries in need such as Myanmar and Bangladesh. A revolutionary, all inclusive technology, safeguarding man, machine and nature, this is ZEN CHARGE.
Drexel University
United States of America

ZUS BeeOtics

Honeybees are slowly disappearing because of intensive agricultural practices that are permanently altering the natural balance of beneficial bacteria that live inside bees. These bacteria are important because without them bees become less productive and more susceptible to infections. Our company wants to change this negative trend. After 6 months of in-depth research into scientific data we have created a prototype bee probiotic. It contains a combination of cultured bacterial strains isolated from healthy honeybees. The use of probiotic bacteria in bees boosts their immunity, protects them from parasites and increases honey yield to 20-50%.
University of Rijeka