Meet the teams who were selected from 750 teams to participate in the University Startup World Cup 2015!


3D Addictive Solutions

Italy & United Kingdom

  • Our main mission is to supply small and medium manufacturers in UK with high scale production of 3D printed components at the best available quality and price, through our consulting services and our global online network of 3D designers and 3D printing suppliers.


China & Japan

  • MFC: A Game-Changer in Renewable Energy Development



  • Innovation in construction through 3D printing and sustainability.


United States & South Africa

  • Our mission is to empower South Africans and create the needed electricity infrastructure. With a host of professional skills at our disposal we create a smart grid ecosystem that supplies innovative energy solutions to the masses.



  • Bobonto is an online platform that connects all the activities of non-governmental organizations to the same place. Whether you look for a voluntary work, the right cause to donate for or maybe you just want to follow the current projects and actions of your preferred NGO’s is currently involved with; All that information can be found through Bobonto, in a simple, reliable and easy way.

Focus Foods Inc.

United States of America

  • FOCUS Foods’ urban aquaponics farms will be self-sustaining symbiotic fish and produce systems selling to grocery stores and farm-to-table restaurants



  • We seek to provide affordable technology based solutions in the areas of education, energy and healthcare. Our first product is a refreshable electronic Braille reader based on our patent filed technology. This device will bring the digital world to the fingertips of the blind in Braille at a 15X lower cost making it within reach for the 40 million blind across the world of which 90% reside in developing countries.



  • Jeevashray takes care of the medical needs of the elderly, right from ensuring doctor appointments and pathological tests, to getting the required medicines to their homes, even having nurses at the patient’s place as when required. All the medical records are shared with the families of these senior citizens in real time, so as to keep them in the know at all times.

Mihani Gingi Social Entrepreneurship

South Africa

  • Farming Geranium plants for their oils and creating a value chain, producing for local and international consumption

Orbita Line


  • First-class public transportation at a low price.



  • A community where you can enjoy a home cooked meal whenever, wherever without the hassle of cooking it yourself.


United States of America

  • VesaliusMed LLC. designed and patented cancer-detection software that offers patients accurate, objective, rapid, inexpensive, minimally-invasive and universally-available screening for early diagnosis and improved survival rates.

Amazing Tech


  • The AmazingTech started in February 2014 to develop a monitoring tool for turnover of hospital beds after identifying a market demand that was not covered by any Brazilian company.

CHARON Biotech

Denmark, Spain

  • Charon Biotech provides innovative technology that will increase yields and reduce the cost of production of biomolecules for the food and base chemical industries.

ClickFlow MedTech


  • ClickFlow has developed a low-tech medical device to reconnect injured blood vessels end-to-end.

ENIGMA Biotech


  • ENIGMA is currently working on a revolutionary mobile health solution to incorporate a non-invasive, pain-free wearable, advanced optical continuous glucose monitoring device with an end-to-end solution enabling advanced analytics and excellent diagnostic for health-care personnel.

Biotix UK

United Kingdom

  • We are a social enterprise that aims to provide a range of community services related to addressing patients effected by dysbiois. In order to facilitate this, Biotix UK are advanced in their plans to provide the first public health board access donor bank in Europe, which doctors can use to perform Faecal Microbiota Transplantation.

Ortrud Medical


  • Ortrud helps nurses succeed with the most common invasive procedure in healthcare.



  • A wearable device based solution to help working professionals who sit more than 6 hours a day by correcting the posture and let them take action to reduce the likelihood of back pain. The device is worn on the neck by the end user as Company Identity tag, which analyses the body posture and detects wrong posture. Through optin, user can engage hapic feedback to know wrong posture realtime.



  • AeroFER’s “iFlight” is a cloud aircrew management and biometric real-time tracking system via a mobile application and wearable devices. The system is packed with smart tools for monitoring pilot fatigue thus enabling airlines to promote easier scheduling to essentially provide a more efficient usage of their aircrew members.



  • We Solve the Gifting problem: It is, The person you are gifting won’t tell you what he wants and nor would you go and ask him, as it is supposed to be a surprise. Because of the inability of direct communication of gift preferences, most of the time it leads to many gifting blunder like poor gift choices, undesired gifts, having to rely just on greeting cards.


United Kingdom

  • BAACCO is a search and discovery marketplace platform, where consumers can search for available wines across thousands and thousands of merchants and transact in a matter of clicks.



  • Bikematch is an online platform that makes it easy to find a new bike, while also helping local bike retailers strengthen their business.

Construction Cloud


  • The Business-to-Business Software as a Service application significantly increases the efficiency of numerous processes associated with multimedia data occurring during large-scale construction projects.



  • Asia version of Transferwise. A P2P transfer service where charges are only a tenth of banks.



  • GBArena is an online community which plans to integrate in games with the aim of providing benefit both to game developers and gamers.

Habitat LLC

United States of America

  • Habitat is a mobile app and website that allows students to buy and sell goods/services locally, as well as a channel for businesses to market directly to college students.



  • Discovery work-friendly places in your city.

Denmark & Finland

  • OnlineMart will transform existing internet cafe into local dealers for e-commerce companies in India with Zero Investment. Aim of OnlineMart is to bring more internet users to internet cafe, reduce the cash collection issues and logistic cost of e-commerce business . Provide the online shopping services to buyers who do not have internet, credit cards, bank account, who do not want to use their credentials online.


United Kingdom

  • Tutlub is a Social community where Muslims connect through prayers ultimately, we are creating a new social network app for Muslims, with exclusive features made for Muslims online social life.



  • YoooWe is a global, online peer-to-peer and business-to-consumer surfing, skiing and snowboarding platform for equipment rental and teaching services. YoooWe allows you to find gear, good teachers, unique locations and enables the creation of friendships across the world, in a safe, friendly and efficient environment



  • The development of Equaliser has substantially advanced the safety and design functionality crane operation, which is highly influenced by strong damaging wind forces. The maritime shipping industry dominates the transport of containerised cargo internationally with over 90% cargo transported by sea and Ship-to-Shore cranes account for the transport of over 300 million containers annually. It is expected that all ports will triple of double output by 2020

Jumping Jack


  • Jumping Jack revolutionizes the concept of granola bars, combining the flavourful taste and crunchiness of cereals with the sustainability of insect flour. Our mission is to turn edible insects into the next delicious food experience, making them part of our everyday life and contributing to a more sustainable planet in doing so.

RP Alternative Music Album

South Korea

  • This is a new form of Device to replace CD. The Shape is 30x30x10MM3 translucent cube.(The shape of RP is a size of a thumb) Plugging this on the earphone socket, Our app will operate automatically, consequently LEDs on device will be turned on, and music, music video, album jackets will be downloaded.

MultiFun Co.


  • Going by the adage “best way to save energy is not to waste it!” MultiFun Co strives to identify & tap energy leakages, such as in vibration.Latest bio-inspired evolution of composites into multifunctional composites holds the key to accomplish our goals. In particular, we replace existing structural skin of aircraft wings/fuselage with weight- & stiffness-matched piezo/battery fiber composites. Load-bearing structures thus double up as sensors/actuators & energy harvesting/storage devices

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