Where the bright minds sleep…

CABINN is playing a key part in making The University Startup World Cup (USWC) happen by hosting the startups throughout the week (Oct. 3-7) at the CABINN City Hotel. 

The 26 year old startup 

CABINN is a 26 year old startup emerged on an innovative idea and lots of hard work. The idea was born, unexpectedly, on a family trip from Copenhagen to Oslo. During the ferry ride, Niels Fennet became aware of how comfortable the cabins were despite of the small sizes. Realizing this, questions started appearing. Why has this concept not been transferred onto land yet? What would it take to open a hotel? Where do I start? 

Almost as soon as the family got home from Norway, the work began and the questions were answered one by one. As a true entrepreneur, Niels Fennet’s fingerprints are all over the (now) nine hotels –  from the architectural shapes of the rooms to the design of the furniture – everything has to fit into the small hotel rooms without compromising quality and design – like the cabins that inspired Niels. Even the name CABINN is derived from cabins on a ship.

Innovation has always been a keyword for Niels and CABINN. When the first hotel in the chain opened its doors, it didn’t only invite the guests into its inexpensive, well-designed cabins, it also introduced the world’s first full electronic check-in system to save the guests from check-in queues at the reception. 

Front of a Cabinn hotel

Why do CABINN support the USWC? 

Now 26 years after it all started, CABINN still identifies themselves as a startup company. They have a couple of more years behind them compared to the startups competing in the USWC but they still remember the special time when everything was new and exciting – and at times hard and frustrating. This is why CABINN is excited to partner up and host this year’s USWC finalists, to share this week of excitement and experiences with the startups. 

Life will not take its course without someone keeping up the pace – be true to your idea and don’t compromise.
Niels Fennet, Founder of CABINN