Meet last year’s Partners

We are proud to be part of a large family consisting of public universities, funds, organizations, and private companies.

Learn why the global healthcare company Novo Nordisk supported University Startup World Cup 2015

Interview with Søren Bregenholt, Corporate Vice President, R&D External Innovation and Stakeholder Relations at Novo Nordisk


Region Hovedstaden
Odense Robotics
Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen Law
Leo Innovation Lab
Fonden for Entreprenørskab
Dansk Erhverv
Copenhagen Capacity

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Human Shojaee
Human ShojaeeCEO, Venture Cup
Tlf. +45 29 29 07 67

Human is a world-class expert in getting new ideas, and makes sure that no one in the office has a dull moment. He loves talking and that often translates into extraordinary projects.

Our aim

is to give away many prizes throughout the finals, such as the best pitch prize, a local challenge prize, best female entrepreneur and many more. You will have the opportunity to design your own special prize and raise awareness of your brand by sponsoring a special prize. Please contact us for more details.