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Submit to the University Startup World Cup before June 1!


Even if you don’t see a category your startup fits into, submit it anyway and our team will make sure to find a place for you.


Digital health, medical devices, compliance of drug administration, drug delivery devices and health tech


computer programs and other technology used to support or enable banking and financial services.


Cleantech, environment, climate

Hightech & Robotics

Industry (manufacturing, assembly, packaging, palletizing), Transport and logistics (mobile robots, drones), Health care and service robots, Learning and gaming technology involving mechanical hardware

Information Communication Technology

ICT – Information Communication Technology – Apps, web services, search engines, augmented reality, near field communication, gaming, services, VR (virtual reality), IoT (Internet of things), e-services, mobile & web

Open Category

This category will remain open for other ideas

Submit to the University Startup World Cup before June 1!



Prepare a pitch deck with a max of 10 slides, then you will be asked to submit this pitch deck with the online application on younoodle where you will be judged upon. Important: you must cover the following topics in your powerpoint presentation, click here

Furthermore, it is possible to upload a video explaining your business idea and showing your product. This is not mandatory but can add to the judge’s impression of your idea! For criteria on the video, please see paragraph below.


Once you have prepared the pitch deck and perhaps a video, you should have a clear idea of which category your idea belongs to. Please refer to the categories section of the website for clarity.

We will screen all presentations to make sure that the right category is chosen. You can apply with more than one idea if they belong to different areas. However, you cannot submit the same idea in more than one category.


When submitting, you will be asked to provide information on the team members and various aspects of your business, strategy etc. – you should set aside good time for this as the judges will base their decisions on your detailed information. Furthermore, your must upload a slide presentation.

Whether you will be selected as a finalist depends both on your reflection on the business idea and the slide presentation.


You can support your presentation with a video. A video is not mandatory, but this is your chance to be creative and tell a story!

The video must be max 2 minutes and could address the following topics:

  • Business problem/pain
  • Product/service
  • Market opportunity
  • Competitive advantage
  • Business model
  • Team

You can upload your video in the competition system when submitting. For an example of a video please see below:


  • Your slide presentation is ready
  • All contact info of all team members should be clearly stated in the presentation and in our online competition management tool (the site where you upload your business plan)
  • Make sure your business plan is clear and concise
  • Make sure your slide presentation is saved as a PDF (max. 10MB) and named after your business idea


Finally, the last piece of the puzzle. You are ready to apply.

All applications are handled securely by our online competition management system.

Once you click the “submit here” button, a new window will open for your application. You must register a profile, fill out all the required information, upload the presentation (and perhaps a video) to our online competition management system. Then, you will receive a confirmation e-mail for a successful upload.

Note: The upload may take a few minutes, so please be patient and only click the submit button once.

Submit to the University Startup World Cup before June 1!

If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail

*Overall winner wins $20.000 + category winners win $5.000 – Please notice: Cash prizes are subject to change at anytime